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What to wear on your first day


Recently I have had an influx of panicked emails, urgent texts and even comical calls from my girlfriends worrying about one thing!

What do I wear on my first day??

Ah yes, such an extremely girly subject but a realistic dilemma, don’t you think?

The interview process is stressful enough! You tried not to freak out, ramble incessantly or sweat profusely! You even utilised your ‘super profess’ outfit, you know the one I am talking about?! And you know what? You did good kid.

You got the job! You are gonna own it too! Then the cloud of doubt starts to form…

I have nothing to wear

This is not a one time meeting, this is the long haul baby!! You signed the dotted line and it is time for day one.

Whether you have been promoted, moving on or just starting, it is a change and a fresh start!

This means there is no more not doing your hair! No more playing laundry roulette with the clothes sprawled on your bedroom floor! Especially no more wearing your ‘walking’ thongs around the office! Now friends don’t judge, we have all had our moments but this is when you are going to make your first impression and if I have anything to do with it, it is gonna be a good one!

My sister actually started a new job a few weeks ago and it was this that made me realized the certain unique stress that accompanies a ‘first day’. We sat laughing discussing this, she reminded me of the absolute stress ball I became the day before I started my first ever real job. I literally destroyed my ‘colour coded’ closet in under ten minutes…

No, I am not even joking!

Not about my OCD tendency nor the magnitude of the mess! It was i n s a n e.  She laughed recounting how she could barely find me as I was engulfed by what seemed like every single item of clothing I owned.

She found it hilarious, still does! For me though at the time, not so much..


So please stress less dolls! I got through it! So shall you, I promise.

A little bit older and a tad wiser, I have learnt a few things and hopefully these 6 LESSONS I have learnt can help you on your first day regardless of the industry or profession you are undertaking!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 2.19.25 pm

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.32.08 pm

Now you can lift your chins up off the floor, yes this is me talking! I do enjoy my fair share of retail therapy but I know we all can get a little excited and want to splurge on some shiny new things but now is not the time my friends! The first week is when you suss out your new digs. Are they corporate? Or are they a funky collective? Casual Fridays? Please say yes! Or do they wear pink on Wednesdays? By the end of the first week I guarantee you will know the standard that applies and you can work out how to style it up while working within the appropriate boundaries which we all know workplaces have.

lesson two

Day one is full of hellos, handshakes and names that you will attempt to remember. Normally you will be running around and just trying to get your bearings. You don’t want to worry about that hot new red lippy making its way all over your pearly whites? That just creates awkward situations with your brand new work mates and nobody wants that! Now I am not saying you can’t be polished! Just go with what you know! Also what you don’t have to touch up constantly. Less worry on the first day, the better.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.31.59 pm

Said often and for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you feel a bit dorky turning up with a tie the first day of your new gig or in that new structured dress. You look dapper darling. You own that shiz! Why do you think Jay-Z wrote a song about Tom Ford? You dress to impress and dress like a boss, because one day knowing you – You’ll be one.

lesson four

Ok – It sounds weird I know, as black is more commonly seen as number one! But you cannot deny that everybody looks good in a clean, crisp white collared top. So if in doubt guys and dolls, use your staple. It is known as one for a reason. It goes with everything and looks damn fine on you!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.31.50 pm

Now I know I harp on about this constantly but it because I care! Also chipped nails just get to me! In all honesty keeping your dets in check, it shows you made an effort. It can also reflect what they can expect from you professionally as I bet you did write ‘detail orientated’ on that resume of yours? Did you not? So make sure those kicks are slick, your nails are did and that hair is done! It is also where you can be playful if you are keepin’ it safe with your ensemble. Wear a necklace! Show some personality!

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.31.44 pm

Confidence conquers all.

Final lesson – Be you, be confident. They hired you for a reason, do your best and I have no doubt that you will rock it!

Good luck! (you don’t need it)


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