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Tune Tuesday – Cranes in the sky

Am I the only one that when alone in an elevator thinks of two things… well maybe three?

  1. How can I escape if this shiz breaks? (insert all my learning’s from every Bruce Willis movie ever)

  2. That random video where the dog is wearing a spider suit and scares everyone? If you do not know – (HERE) we can be traumatised together.

  3. The Solange incident… yes the source of countless glorious Jay Z memes and the one moment now post #Lemonade enriching all our lives, we all look back thinking – maybe she isn’t crazy, maybe she just don’t like Beckys?

Well before this infamous incident where manicured hands and heels being flung at good ol’ Jay Z whilst Queen B calmly side stepped. I was obsessed with Solange, the lesser known of the Knowles sisters. Now, now, my love for Yonce shall always reign supreme but my fascination for the younger sister was something that begun from her fashion and continued because of her gosh damn good music. The reason I admit so openly about this obsession today is that fact she just dropped a new album. Now it is not up everyone’s alley as it is more funky, chilled and lyrics based but you gotta understand it is Tune Tuesday and we are real friends, so let’s have real talk.

Now amongst my obsession for her flamboyant fashion I discovered her music was so different and brutally honest. Brutally. To the point where her thoughts that she had the guts to sing to the world were emotions I know some of us aren’t even willing to say, let alone sing to ourselves. That is not only unique but I found refreshingly brave. It all started with ‘Why don’t you love me?’ A Beyoncé song you say? Yes! It was written by Solange (yes I look this stuff up, can’t help myself). After this fun fact I discovered ‘Losing you’ my world changed = Solange obsession solidified.

I am vibing the ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ today, go on have a listen, try it. Might surprise ya! The styling itself is worth a look-see.

Confession time..

I was obsessed with this picture… yes obsessed is the word of the day haha.

Yup - where the pink head to toe getup came from.

This inspired me to wear a mad pink off the shoulder number including a crazy geometric bag to a music festival because I was going to see her! At this time I was single and didn’t even have time for a cute boy because my girl crush was about to get on stage? Yes I do take sistas before misters seriously. Now the reason I share this is because I believe her ‘fashun’ is just plain dope and If you are not aware of this, go on and Google, it’s worth it. I am doing you a favour. Procrastinate away – you’re welcome.


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