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Tune Tuesday

We all know it is Tuesday and the fear of the weekend being so far from reach may be one of your many even varied first world problems but I you know what? I feel you. Sipping on my third coffee of the day, I truly do. 


So you know what we are going to do? Because sharing is caring after all, time for some tunes to get through the day.

Did you catch the plural? I know, I know, I spoil you!

Pardon my ignorance if I am late to the party and you cool kids already know of him but I am slightly obsessing over this man’s album. Today’s goodness is by the talented Travis Garland. A bit of a switch up from the normal rotation but I gotta keep you on your toes now don’t I? Such easy listening and we all need a little bit of sexy in our lives. You know it’s true, get to it dolls!

Introducing Travis Garland’s

‘Where I Land’ & ‘Motel Pool’

My favourites right now



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