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MAC & Me

So I have a new love in my life… and his name is MAC.

Now some of you may know him?  I did for a long time but honestly it wasn’t until recently I realized he was the one for me.

He is gorgeous, dependable and matches me perfectly!

Ok, you got me… This is not a fairytale! MAC is not a even a guy! But if he was, he would have to be my very favourite flamboyant man friend haha.

So lets get to the real story shall we?

Over the years I have been developing a relationship with my Priceline. Now I do not think I am alone here? The fluorescent lighting and endless possibilities drew me in ‘like a moth to a flame’. Sad I know but it is the truth and honesty for me is the best policy! Over the years this has lead me to try a multitude of foundations, desperately seeking my perfect match! Being a freckled and slightly caramel faced individual didn’t help me in this endeavour either. For me the ‘bronzer’ was my natural shade and one cannot shimmer at all times, believe me I tried!

I went on to try known brands but I still found that nothing suited me, especially how my temperamental skin decides to behave during the day. I am sure some of y’all get me? That super shine that startles you in the work bathrooms after lunch? Mine is blinding! This leads to the rough dabbing of the disposable hand paper that takes off more of your makeup rather than that shine! It was frustrating, useless and a vicious cycle..

In my own little red riding hood story in makeup land, nothing was ‘just right’.

Until now.

Like all good love stories my Mr. Right was right in front of me all along!

MAC is known to many but it wasn’t until recently I found it was a great fit for me! It was actually thanks to two beauties in my office, that I made the switch. I am lucky enough to work in an office which draws parallels to the Devil Wears Prada ( I am not even joking! Its babetown!) these women know their stuff! Thanks to this situation, a girl learns a few things.

These are my essentials:

1. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation ( Great range of colours, especially those for like me with dominant yellow undertones all over – I wear C5.5)

2. Mineralize Blush – ‘Warm Soul’ ( Blush honestly scares me, especially having a background as a dancer – there was no ‘natural’ in that arena. My bestie made me try this and I have not looked back! Gives you that gentle warm shimmer.)

3. MAC Blot Powder (* This is the shiz ladies! My final and absolute pick! Apply lightly instead of your powder as a refresher during your touch ups – It takes away that annoying shine instantly without making you feel like your piling it on, no cakeface for you my dear!)

I am honestly no expert but just letting you in on my little secret!


In shot – Foundation, Blot Powder and Mix of Russian Red & Media Matte Lipstick get your perfect colour here

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